Sunday, 22 May 2011

One Down... Countless to Go

I have a list. I list of designer or products that I hope to own before I die... a bucket list of merchandise if you will. Don’t you have one? It consists of things like, an orange birkin bag, a Kelly Bag, a Hermes Saddle, a Marc Jacobs bag (the one from “The Devil Wears Prada”), Manolo’s (the ones from “Sex and the City) etc. etc.
There is one name I can finally cross off. Whitney Eve. Ok so she doesn’t really stand next to Jimmy Choo or Nina Ricci BUT since The City I have been dying to get my hands on a piece of Whitney Eve. I totally adored her throughout The Hills and now The City. It’s like owning a piece of her line brings her to life... she is real... and... it kind of beings me into her world... a little!!

Anywho, I have had my eye on this tank for MONTHS but have put it off, put it off. Well yesterday I went back to JennyFleurLoves and they STILL had my size so I gave in and bought it.

It is her Feather Drape Tank/Dress... 100% cotton. I love it for not only the fine detail which looks like it has been hand-painted on.

I also adore the back of this tank... for my body type it really highlights my back which I love and hides my “muffin top” which again... I love.

What is great about this purchase is it needed a second one... to complete the outfit (tongue in cheek). This back is so gorgeous I didn’t want to have to wear a tank and hide the detailing... but there was no way a bra could be worn on its own... (refer back to “How Old is Too Old?). I needed a bandeau. So I headed to Fine Finds and discovered Anemone. I bought a lace bandeau but what I really love about this bandeau is that is has CUPS! I am all for CUPS... I don’t have huge boobs but... they are decent so I cannot wear a simple Aritzia bandeau... it hurts and it falls down WAY too many times.

This Anemone is so cute. Under the shirt it looks sexy without exposing too much. It is not just plain because of the lace. It is perfect. It is almost like a cami. LOVE IT!

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