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Natural Skin Solution Paves the Way to Natural Skin

Why does your skin ‘act up’? That is the question every woman asks when she wakes up to an array of white heads protruding from her chin and forehead. I know it is what I always ask! So why does it happen? Why do we get acne? Why do zits scar, and more importantly how do we solve these problems? These were the questions I had in mind when I went to meet Amy Chalmers. Amy is an internationally qualified cosmetic dermal therapist who has recently opened a skin clinic Natural Skin Solutions. What Amy offers is powerful and effective alternatives to invasive cosmetic procedures. Running out of Thai Health in Vancouver (suite 103 - 853 Richards Street Vancouver)Amy combines Western Medicine with Eastern Philosophy to create a brand new approach to the treatment of skin. Some of the services she is offering are so new Amy is bringing them to Canada for the first time.

I was totally excited to meet with Amy on Thursday night, coming straight from work I was ready for some relaxation, and that is what I got. Amy met me inside the small suite at the back of an old building on Richards. Relaxation from the get go with aromatherapy smells emanating from the waiting room and the sound of water running from the many different water features. Amy herself is an amazing lady. Coming back to Canada from a number of years studying in Australia her voice is soft and smooth continuing with the atmosphere of the setting. Handing me a questionnaire she headed to prepare some fresh green tea. The questionnaire is long and thorough asking questions of skin-care, lifestyle, medical history, exercise and career. I then went into the treatment room and began my consultation with Amy.

Amy emanates passion and knowledge creating a comfortable and interactive environment where she explains in ‘normal person’ terms what she does to treat the problems you have highlighted on the questionnaire.

Natural Skin Solutions offers a range of treatments based on how far you want to push your skin. Amy explains it this way:-

Treatments are like exercise and Products are the food supply.

The only way to create change is for your skin to gain nourishment from its ‘food’. That is what your product must serve to do. It is simply for feeding the skin nutrients.

So what is good and what isn’t?

One of Amy’s requirements is that you bring your current skin-care products with you to your consultation. I brought ***, a product Amy once used herself... before discovering natural skin solutions. After seeing my product Amy began by saying, “the entire list of ingredients has to work as a whole, not partially”. And, for this reason *** doesn’t work ‘in general’. Most products on the market work to shoot a system which makes them simply ‘part-time’. All skins are different, they all need the same things only they need them in different doses, and most products carry the same amount of different things which means they only cater to some skins. Many products are filled with synthetics which cause side-effects that break down the skin. So how can we know what is right for our own skin? A product once used can take control of your skin switching off its natural ability. This is not what you want...

you want your skin and product to work together.

So what causes Acne?

Acne is caused by:

  • a decrease in exfoliation
  • increase in hormones and oil production
  • bacteria

All these combine create an inflammation which is the body reacting to the ‘skins fear’.

DON’T Pick:

Picking is a complete NO GO in Amy’s opinion. Picking puts pressure on your follicles... it is the same as an apple going brown.

There are three problems that are caused by picking:

  • Indented- this is collagen scarring. When squeezing your zit the bottom breaks out and the ‘crap’ from the zip breaks into the collagen which then tightens causing a scar.
  • Increase in blood vessels causing redness. After your squeeze or pick at a spot blood vessels are sent to repair the area that is damage and they build up and build up causing redness scars.
  • Pigment- these are brown spots. Responsible for colour these brown spots are the pigments filling in the injury.

The problem with these scars is that skin ignores scars so to fix these problems you need a product that will gobble up scar tissue. A product that will stimulate your skin to act.

So what products are good for your skin?

  • Vitamin A- this normalizes everything, stimulates collagen and elastane and repairs blood vessels.
  • Proper cleanser and moistures- one that contains willow herb, aloe, exfoliant, certain fatty acids, and a mixture of natural and chemical elements.
  • Zinc- is a good sunscreen

Amy provides a treatment that is a mixture of everything and Products that are blends of what she uses formulated specifically to your skin needs.

When you change your products you must remain aware of DETOXIFYING! Switching products causes your skin to change which can cause a break out. This is your skin pushing out the toxins and repairing itself. For a new product to really show it work you must leave it for at least a month, so your skin can start to work with the new products and you can see the true results.

Out of all Amy’s treatments the Medi-facial is the most relaxing. After cleansing your skin and chest area Amy leaves on a natural mask while she gives an Indian head massage....BLISS! After wiping off the mask she moisturizes and the treatment is done.

But, there is more to Amy’s new business than facials!

Topical Nutrition Therapy

This works with micro currents creating seals over your skin.

Perhaps the most exciting treatment Amy is bringing to Vancouver is:

Medical Skin Needling:

This is an alternate to botox and laser treatments.

Using a small roller of mini needles rolled over the skin this treatment pokes holes into the dermis (similar to acupuncture). These holes heal within minutes and increase growth factors within the skin. This results in Natural rejuvenation.

Suitable for all skin types this treatment brings the same results as lasers without the downsides, no photosensitivity, no scars, at 1/3rd of the price!

Not only that but it is a long lasting treatment- lasting 5-10 years longer than lasering creating permanent lay-down of collagen.

Amy says:

“This is a long-term approach that works WITH the skin”

Check out the amazing photo results of this treatment at:

Other treatments offered are:

  • Collagen induction therapy
  • medical microdermabrasion
  • chemical peel
  • vitamin infusion
  • natural peel
  • gentle peeling infusion
  • micro infusion facial
  • eye lift infusion
  • detox body treatment
  • viennese herbal massage
  • lymphatic drainage
  • ayurvedic indian head massage
  • scalp treatment

So why does your skin ‘act up’?

It is simply protecting itself.

What you need to remember is- feeding makes skin stimulated and stimulated skin leads to rejuvenation.

Side Note:

The product Amy uses is OSMOSIS.

There are two types of product bases within this natural line.

1- Catalyst which repairs DNA, protecting skin in ‘real time’ this product can remove skin tag and help with skin cancer.

2- Stem Cell this works with growth factors, allowing skin a choice of how to work. Your cells know what to do, it is up to the product to guide the skin.

Amy believes Osmosis is “the future of skin care.”


Dr Ben Johnson - creator of Osmosis skin care

Introducing Osmosis Skincare:

Stem Factor


Facial Infusion


Sensitive Skin can be corrected!

  • Everything comes down to skin care.
  • All comes down to ingredients in the care.

Labels have double meaning... especially “Not Tested On Animals”

  • That product might not have been tested on animals BUT the stuff in the product has.

To book an appointment with Amy please call:


Or check out her new advert in Vancouver View Magazine May/June Page 23.

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