Sunday, 22 May 2011

How Much Do I Love Osmosis Skincare?

How much do I love Osmosis skin care???

For the FIRST TIME since I turned 11 years old and bought foundation and blusher from Claire’s I went without makeup.

Since changing onto Osmosis my skin flared up and then it become... soft, clear, WONDERFUL. I have even lost the redness around my nose.

This is me, ThePoshGurl, Someone who doesn’t even go to the garbage room without makeup walking in Yaletown with a bare face. And what was even better... some guy chatted me up in the park... WITHOUT MAKEUP ON!

I felt confident in my skin which is something I have never felt before! Sure I am still CRAZY PALE, but I guess that what comes from being an “English Rose” (aka Crazy Pasty) but I didn’t feel a NEED to put on blusher!

My Daily Regiment


Purify, clarify & immerse moisturizer


purify, clarify mixed with one scoop of Acne blend powder boost & immerse moisturizer

Thank You Amy and Thank You Osmosis!


Dr Ben Johnson - creator of Osmosis skin care

Introducing Osmosis Skincare:

Stem Factor


Facial Infusion

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