Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dressing for the Opera

It is my favorite thing to do... DRESS UP! Opera night is probably the best time to do it. Usually I wear a dress, so spent some down time this afternoon scouring instyle looking for ideas when I came across Ginnifer Goodwin wearing a casual evening outfit. Any Vancouverite will tell you what the weather is like at the moment... awful! So the idea of wearing pants was highly appealing.

So this is the outfit I was going for:

And this is how I did it:

I wore a tapering, bow-tie neck shirt with Alexa, mid-rise black jeans. I wore black knee highs to cover my toes in a pair of Red Suede Kate Spade peep-toes.

Then, with the Vancouver weather I wore my mock-cape Marc Jacobs jacket.

For accessories:

I wore Juicy Couture hoop earrings and my usual simple bracelet and...

MY BURBERRY CLUTCH!! No evening out is complete without it!!

So how did I do?? Close to the outfit?!

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