Monday, 9 May 2011

A Casual Style for Mother's Day

Today dressing up was a task and a half. This morning I dressed to lead worship at Church no problem. Then the evening dinner with the family came and I was stumped. I tried a few outfits with tights and shorts and nothing worked. Then I came across Reese Witherspoon in this denim jacket and patterned dress. I grabbed the new Mavi Samantha Denim jacket (I had yet to wear), and a low cut patterned summer dress. But, I am in Vancouver and it was the evening so I left on my patterned black tights and grabbed my Marc Jacobs patent pumps, and a Coach sling-shoulder bag and was ready for a casual meal out with the family (and all the stress that comes with that occasion)!

This was the outfit I was going for:

This is how I did it:

A look at the dress:

How did I do? Comments good or bad?

Did it work out after four changes of outfits!!

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