Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Style in the Store ~ Tuesday 26th April 2011

As many of you Vancouverites know today is game day. The day when our city becomes awash with white and blue, or yellow and black (if you go vintage). So I couldn’t help but snap some Canuck fans in store.

This is Amy Postma and her Dad sporting some “Hockey Style”. Amy herself looked totally cute in some skinny jeans and a cropped leather jacket with her Canucks tee... Go Canucks Go.

Ok... Ok this was last week BUT... it was a Game Day and on Game Day all things Canuck is relevant!! So this is The Posh Gurl contributing to "Hockey Style" whilst working!

This is The Posh Gurl in store this afternoon. I post this simply for you Rochele... you asked to see me with the bandana’s on so here it is... (Snapped also in my favourite Seychelles boots).

My eyes never stop roaming...

On my lunch in the Blenz across the street from my store i stopped two girls as they waited for their drinks. Their particular styles had caught my eyes... both wished to remain Anonymous.

This girls outfit was chic and trendy. A pair of knee high-heeled black boots, patterned tights and a perfect fitting sweater dress.

This girls pop of color made me want to photograph her. The over-sized white blazer with simple top and leggings with that one pop of yellow in her scarf made this outfit beautifully thought out.

Sarah Cameron a Red Bull Marketer came into the store to grab some cuffed shorts and i had to capture her. The flowing tunic top, with funky boots and large dangling jewelry was a perfect style statement.

When she came to pay i had to grab a second picture as she topped off her look with a green army jacket and heavy scarf draped “just so”. Fabulous!

My Mannequin #3

Today i dealt with the dudes fashion. mr. sit down is dresses in a new and deliciously soft bootcut jean in a light blue. Underneath the dominated green button down shirt a light green graphic tee.

My Mannequin #4

Without a doubt this guy is in my favorite shirt it is an aviator in light blue. Underneath a unique graphic shirt... shoes over the telephone wire, vein bleached jeans, complete with a brooklyn industry pack.

My Mannequin #5

This handsome fella is oh so casual with cotton pants in navy, a dark blue graphic tee, and a crisp white button-down shirt.

My Mannequin #6

This guy is ready for the beach with cargo shorts, a light “graphic novel” tee and a casual blue popper shirt.

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