Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

A fashion blog would not be a fashion blog without a post on the outstanding Royal Wedding the world witnessed yesterday. After working the entire day in Mavi I returned home, got into my PJ’s and set up a makeshift bed on the sofa. I spent the entire night through till 6am in the morning watching the days events.

Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) looked spectacular in a Sarah Burton for McQueen dress. It was breath-taking. You just knew looking at it that Alexander would be looking down from heaven smiling with joy at what his label accomplished that day!

Pippa Middleton did not fail to impress either. The Maid of Honor’s simple gown was elegant and flattering. It was completely original, I found to dress the bridal party in white. However, no one... no matter what color could outshine Catherine.

The second Burton gown, for the evening festivities was a stunner too. Understated, simple and elegant. Today’s outfits definitely signified the coming out of a Queen.

The Queen. Never is she spotted not dressed appropriately. She is a woman, much like Chanel herself who has maintain elegance and grace throughout her fashion years. She knows what she likes, knows what looks good, and she never strays from her “style” to try new things. Today was no exception. She looked perfect.

NOW.... those who didn’t look so perfect....

If you are on the “chubby” side fashion is a wonderful thing. It creates shapes, lines, silhouttes that hide or accentuate (appropriately) the female form (however chubby). So with access to all this fashion and its wonders, WHY oh WHY would you wear this (talking about the blue dress)??

And... I am sorry... no words describe this.... this... HORROR! If you were my cousin and turned up at my wedding in THIS... I would stop the ceremony to throw you out.

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