Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Posh Gurl Begins

A good friend of mine asked why I didn’t blog anymore and I couldn’t think of an answer. I used the usual excuse of “not enough time”, but really it was a lack of inspiration. I was stuck in a rut with a no focus but how to make money and sustain a life with the lack of money!

But, today that changed. I went the to premiere screening of “Bill Cunningham New York” and suddenly I have vision. Bill Cunningham is a visionary. The premier street fashion photographer. Working for WWD, The New York Times, and Details. Seeing his life in photos and what drives his passion rekindled mine.

I love fashion. Clothes, shoes and bags. Not for “trend” sake but for beauty sake. If that makes any sense. I love things that make you unique or quirky. It is a cloak, a statement and an expression. My screensaver is Emma Watson, a friend mentioned how it could be seen as ‘stalkerish’. But its not HER its what’s ON her. Her wearing purple Hunters, mini-lycra shorts, and a large puffy jacket with a fluffy scarf. Cut her head off I don’t care but I want to see her clothes. I plaster my journals and notebooks with cuttings of fashion that have caught my eye. Layouts of outfits. I adore everything to do with couture, style, and looks.

SOOOO I was thinking... a Fashion Blog but focussing (like Mr. C) on the trends I see, and I see a lot working in a store in Yaletown.

So here goes... This is the start of THE POSH GURL”.

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