Friday, 22 April 2011

Banana's For Bandana's

A Fabulous Friend emailed me on Friday giving me a fashion tip-bit. I LOVE fashion tip-bits... if you have one let me know and I will post it.

Any-who she emailed me to say that she thought a bandana in my hair would look cute. Well, I had a terrible bandana phase about a year ago when I had long hair and was trying to grow out my bangs. I was working at a Chapters store in Downtown Vancouver when I discovered some bandana/scarves in Coach. I became addicted. Bought one every two weeks for two months. Then I cut all my hair and since then I hadn’t worn them.

So this email reminded me of my collection and I hooked them out my closet... good job I did! Saturday came and... this is disgusting... I apologize... embarrassed to say this aloud... I opted for a twenty minute extra snooze instead of a shower! (blush, blush). I woke, like death and looked in the mirror... WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO WITH MY MOP?! Then I remembered...

BANDANA! I hooked my favorite one out and tied it in place. Why had I not done this before?! The bandana looked better on my pixie cut then my long hair. THANK YOU ROCHELE!

This is a fabulous tip-bit. This Summer turbans are making a big appearance in the fashion industry. I had been thinking about grabbing one after buying one for my Mum. I had my eye on a half-turban in a local boutique. Something was always holding me back when I went to make the final purchase... Would I wear it a lot? Will I look silly in Vancouver? But, these bandana’s solved my dilemma... They were perfect. Not as heavy in the Summer weather and bonus... I already owned some... PLUS they are a little less “unique” then a bandana on the streets of Yaletown!

So I owe a lot to my Fabulous Friend and her Fashion Tip-Bit! I haven’t had a day without a Bandana since! xoxo

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